Upcycled Cat

December 30, 2009

My parents let me know that they had a box of old clothes they were getting rid of and would I like any of them. I’m not really into the same styles that they are, but I really loved some of the items for their fabric. I ended up dragging a heap of old clothes to my crafting lair.

One of the pairs of my stepdad’s old socks really spoke to me. It was begging to be upcycled into a little kitten. The pattern just screamed orange tabby cat to me. I pulled out a pattern from the The Woman’s Day Book of Soft Toys and Dolls. I made a few little changes to the body of the cat to get it to work on these socks and I made the tail much larger. Rather than embroider a rather dated looking face as the book instructed, I used a couple of lime green buttons I had left from an American Girl craft day when I worked at Michaels. All the extras had been sent home with the teachers. I loved job perks there, killer discounts and free leftover supplies that would have otherwise hit the dumpster. Seriously, my boss, who couldn’t stand to see craft supplies wasted, would call us all over and split up the leftovers evenly. Anyhow, the buttons only had two little holes and with black thread look like artistic cat eyes. I couldn’t find a good nose button for this size face in my hundreds of black buttons though I did find a spare animal nose lying around. For the body stitching I was careful to cut the ear liners and the underbelly out of the solid sole of the sock and the rest from the patterned upper to help give the cat good markings.

Sock tabby cat

She’s a well-traveled little cat having been everywhere inside a shoe. She’ll be looking for her forever home soon being placed through my store on Etsy.

I can’t believe it! Santa brought me the scroll saw I wanted! He also included some scrap wood, impact resistant goggles, and bandaids. Interesting message. So far I’m in love with this saw! I will need to buy a nice stand for it though. You can drool over the saw here at Harbor Freight. I know I’ve got a million projects that will use it.

Image of bench mounted scroll saw

Custom Earrings

December 26, 2009

My grandmother brought a custom order for earrings out with her when she came for my college graduation just before Christmas. Now that the Christmas crafting rush is done, I sat down to whip them out. I’m quite pleased with the match to the photograph. Yet another satisfied customer I hope!

custom earrings

I’ve only prepared one gift thus far. I needed to get a gift to my physical therapist early, before we both take holiday breaks. I personally hate gift wrap. I like the process of wrapping, but I always feel so guilty with so much trash on Christmas morning. I used left over material from the shirt I cut up to make pants for Ben’s Halloween costume and made a little bag to fit the Wii game I needed to wrap. I used a cookie cutter for the pattern to make the snowflake and hand stitched it on with white yarn. I also used white yarn to make a double chain for the drawstring. Mike liked the game of course and I can’t wait to see what he thinks of it, but what really made me feel all warm and fuzzy was his appreciation for the awesome little bag.

I’m preparing more for my graduation party than Christmas at this point. Graduation is the 18th and very rapidly approaching. I’m having a Donnie Darko themed graduation party. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it’s basically going to be an 80’s Halloween party. That means we have an excuse for COSTUMES! My brother wasn’t sure of what to go as, but he LOVES South Park. He asked me to make him a Stan Marsh hat so that he could be Stan. I had left over blue fleece from making Ben’s costume and some scraps of red. The fleece was fantastic. It really looks like a cartoon!

Not bad at all for a quick thing to whip out of scraps in the closet! Dexter is really happy about it. Apparently, now I have to make the rest of the gang so we can all dress up and go places. I get to be Kyle (green is my favorite color), and Scott will be Cartman (the size fits). I’m sure after the hats I’ll be making little red gloves and a collar for a brown shirt.