Heading to Arizona

May 15, 2010

On my drive to Arizona to visit my brother, and of course visit ATSU and IKEA, I passed this truck in the middle of the New Mexico desert. If there ever was an urge for a crafter to hijack a truck and steal the contents, this would have been it!

picture of Hobby Lobby truck on interstate at night

I really wanted to spin, but couldn’t come close to affording a spinning wheel. I borrowed my friend’s Babe wheel and tried to make one like it. I made a few changed, like using a bike tire because that’s what I had. My bobbins aren’t plastic either, mine have a  PVC tube for the shaft and wooden pullies on the ends. I tried to go for a steam punk look for my wheel. The spray paint was actually the most expensive part of the whole thing!


homemade spinning wheel of PVC and wood

It’s not nearly as smooth as Kat’s and takes plenty of adjustments during a spinning session, but it’s so freaking awesome! I have a spinning wheel! I’ll be taking it with me on my trip to Arizona so I can spin in my down time there.