Super Sexy New Laptop Courtesy of GOOGLE!

December 9, 2010

So not long ago I filled out a relatively short survey on facebook about my Internet usage habits. It said that Google would send me a free sticker if I filled it out and gave them my information. I ALMOST didn’t do it because I was worried about getting a bunch of crap in the mail and spam. Then I figured that Google already had all my contact information because of my Google phone, a Droid 2. So I gave in and clicked the final button on the survey.

The survey told me that I was some kind of super Internet user and that I use it for everything and that my sticker should arrive in a few weeks or so. Then fast forward a few days to today.

I went to knitting group with my friend today. She took me home afterward and came in. We were just going to grab a ball band to go get some more yarn to finish a gift for my grandmother. My mom came into the room when she heard us and brought a big box. She said that a package came for me. I glanced at it and told her I hadn’t ordered anything. I didn’t recognize the business that had sent it either. Mom suggested she open the box because it could be something I’m not supposed to see until Christmas. I suggested that she not open the box because the grandparents could have sent something to me to sneak under the tree and that perhaps mom shouldn’t see it. Finally, Mom and I left the room and my girlfriend opened the box. She wasn’t sure what it was and tried to describe the box within a box. Ultimately, Mom and I both burst in and I was blown away. Once I figured out it was a laptop I was afraid to open the seal thinking that surely it wasn’t for me and I didn’t want to have to pay for it. What on earth had I clicked on accident on the net to have someone send me a laptop?

Some googling on my desktop which I’d left on proved that this was indeed a FREE LAPTOP! I squealed several times and carefully started unpacking the sexy, clean, minimalist computer. It’s so light and the matte finish is so soft, just like my cell phone without the case on it. Unfortunately due to the beating the phone takes, the case is on 24/7 and will need to be replaced every few months. I love the computer so much that I don’t even care that the sticker is kind of ugly.

Anyhow, look for more posts in the future from my sexy new computer. It’s so much lighter than my laptop I’ll actually be able to take it with me places. The weight of my Acer coupled with my back and shoulder pain makes the laptop really just a wired computer that lives in bed. Plus, the battery in my laptop is barely good for even an hour! This boasts something like 8 hours, but we’ll see I guess.

The idea that I don’t have a hard drive, disc drive or anything really just seems a bit too strange for me still. I do make plenty of use of the Netflix discs still and streaming isn’t supported on the Chrome OS just yet. Hopefully they’ll get on that immediately. Netflix streaming is my number one use of the Internet if you measure by time spent online. Ravelry is a close second.

So here’s me only a few minutes after getting the computer out of the box and through the little welcome message and instructions. Yeah, I’m super stoked. Now to decide what kind of laptop sleeve to knit and felt up for the little guy. Hell, I guess I’ll even have to use it to order the yarn from knitpicks…and listen to some Pandora while I knit!


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