Iron Crafting

February 5, 2011

I have finally given in, I’m an official Iron Crafter! I watched in the side lines for a few weeks and even crafted along. I just couldn’t get it together enough to actually join officially. My American Idol headache still hasn’t gone away. It’s also lead to some new and miserable symptoms, like muscle shocks in my face and head, a more severe type migraine that hits every time I get even a little tired, and the sensation of my brain rattling around and having a brain only seizure inside my head. Not fun at all and a bit worrisome. This is why when I say I need quiet, I really mean it! Look what over stimulation one night has done to my already fragile head!

This week’s challenge with the Iron Crafter is to make something that is on the topic of “winter.” I’m clueless as of this moment. I’ve got to come up with something wonderful though, not only is it my first week, but there is a prize too of a knitting book I’d really like! My first thought is something to do with an igloo, but we haven’t had much snow. Here’s the only real snow igloo I’ve ever built. It was really hard to do and was the only thing I did that whole day. I made it about a year ago.

*****Insert Igloo photo here once it’s found*****

I do have a winter knitting idea planned too, but I’m not sure I could do it by this Wed. It is a large gauge though, but I’m in the middle of a few other knits. I’m currently hard at work on TARDIS socks for myself and a new pattern to publish on Ravelry to help with my nonexistent income. Since I feel the need for a photo but can’t find an online copy of my dogs’ igloo, here’s my TARDIS socks as I’ve progressed so far. Well, really it’s only one sock. Two-at-a-time magic loop just gets so messy when you’re doing colorwork.


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