Last night I took a short break from swatch making to finish the first fingerless mitt in a pair I’m making. I’m using the pattern Green Thumb by Diana Foss that a raverly friend of mine gave me. While I love the pattern, I felt like it needed some serious colorwork. I altered the pattern to have the colorwork I wanted, green for the leaf and knit stitches and brown for the purls. I used a two-color cast on method so my first row would still match the rest of my pattern. Some of the strands on the thumb leaf motif were a little bit too long (I worked the entire mitt in fair isle) and caused the mitt to bunch up. I ended up cutting the worst 8 offenders and tieing them up and weaving in those ends as well. Now it’s perfect! I love wearing it so much it’ll be hard to take it off long enough to get a shower today!

I ended up learning a bit more about fair isle and colorwork in general on this project. Here’s what my supplies looked like. There were more when I ended than when I started:

I started out with nothing but the pattern, a set of size 3 DPNs in bamboo, and the yarn, Berroco Comfort DK. I got frustrated with the DPNs because the yarn wasn’t sliding well. I’d like to get more Addi Turbo and Bernat Aero needles, or even some more BaleneII. Unfortunately, this is all I have in size 3 so I’m stuck with them for now. I did just buy a square circular size 3 DPN but I’m afraid that it might mess up my gauge on the second mitt. I do plan on using the new circular to make some gift mitts 2-at-a-time magic loop style. As I worked, I added a cute stitch marker I made to help keep track of the beginning and end of the round.

Then I made myself a row counter because I couldn’t find any I liked. The most brilliant addition to my supplies is the little thingy that keeps your yarns from getting tangled when doing colorwork. I picked it up at one of my local shops, and it’s been one of the best purchase ever! I highly recommend them for all colorwork projects. It take a little while to figure out how to get your tension right while wearing one, but it pays off. Unfortunately, I also had to add a small crochet hook to the little kit because I made a few mistakes in the 2X2 rib. I kept my colors right, but when sleepy would mess up the knits and purls. It turns out it’s very difficult to drop a stitch, run it down and work it back up when doing colorwork! Finally, I put the whole thing into the perfectly sized bag that choperena made for me in the Dr. Horrible Swap.

Here’s a few more pictures of the finished mitt for your drooling pleasure. This pattern is tons of fun and I highly recommend it. If you decide to try to tackle it with colors like mine, feel free to contact me with questions. Heck, with any luck after my big swatch project, I’ll be able to make my own leafy mitts that I like more and have even more green leaves! I’d love to see more of the ‘sapling’ knit ribs grow into having leaves and buds on them. We’ll see, it’s back to some special gift crafting and swatches for me in the meantime.



Today I spent all day getting yarn and soda and dyeing the yarn. I’ll post pictures soon. I did 10 huge hanks of yarn and the rainbow of soda colors are hanging to dry on my IKEA laundry rack. I way over did it doing that much dyeing in one day. It doesn’t seem like much, but even just the strength required to pour from 2L bottles can really kick my butt. I was so beat that as soon as I finished and was invited by my pal to watch a movie in his room, I promptly fell asleep in front of his laptop. Thankfully, he’s a great guy and let me sleep even through tons of special features. I was so tired I don’t even remember what one of his Netflix we were going to watch tonight.

When I got up, I felt much better. Two hours of sleep is a ton for me to get at once! I got up, cleaned up the kitchen some and checked on the yarn. I settled in front of guy pal’s computer to watch some Dr. Who, eat a slice of pizza, and knit on a pair of fingerless mitts.

I’m making a pattern one of my ravelry friends gave me called “Green Thumb” You can purchase it here on the designer’s(Diana Foss’s) blog Here’s a pic I grabbed from her flickr account:

I love leaves and anything earthy, but this pattern just didn’t quite seem right, though I’ve seen nearly every color under the sun in the project pages on ravelry. I learned fair isle on a hat I’ll post just as soon as I finish it so I could try and apply a fair isle technique to the mitts. What I’m doing for mine is to make all the purl stitches brown to be the earth and the knits green to be the young sapling branches and leaf. I’m only 5 rows away from the increases for the leaf/thumb. So far I absolutely love these mitts, but they do seem to be taking way too long to do fair isle ribbing.