I’m still not doing as well as I’d like, but I finally managed to get the pictures off my camera and onto the web. Here’s the main shot with my last batch of dyeing in the back. You can see my recent work is a good deal darker. Pain really keeps you from feeling the bright, summery colors.

The purples pictured here are both Grape Crush, one in worsted weight Peruvian wool and the other in sport weight 75% Merino/25% nylon for socks. The purples up front and the exciting brights in the background are all destined for my etsy shop. Here’s a close up of the new zombie yarn.

I think this will end up going to my spoilee in my zombies and apocalypse themed swap I’m doing with Ravelry’s Odd Ducks group this month (and next). This came out so much gorier than the last batch which is currently on the needles to make some socks as a gift.


Swap package received!

July 3, 2010

Today was mostly a bum day. Guy pal and I worked on some updates to the spinning wheel and they were all massive failures. As a result I can’t spin and am very upset about it. On the bright side, I received a swap package from my Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog swap that I’m doing in the Odd Ducks group on Ravelry. I’ve been staying with guy pal and the box, rather bag, was sent to my mom’s house. She called me to tell me that I got some rather strange mail. Some bag about a horse. So guy pal and I swung by while running errands and found this:

I flipped it over and found that the singing cowboys who serve Bad Horse and the Evil League of Evil (E.L.E) had come to visit me. This seemed like an awesomely creative way to get even the money you have to spend on shipping to be on theme. I approve, particularly because I collect stamps. I do worry that the post office may have been a little cranky about having to mark all those stamps AND still having to print out a zero dollars bar code. But the post office does have a history of being cranky anyhow, so maybe they can consider it a taste of their own medicine.

When I opened up the envelope, which I tore into with excitement, I found a letter from the E.L.E. along with my loot. I like loot. The letter mentioned that there were babies inside for me to do horrible things to, you know for my experiments. I love Jelly Babies, and Sour Patch Kids aren’t bad either. Sour gummies are pretty good in fact. Now that I’m looking at them, I wish I had them here to nibble while I work tonight at guy pals’s place. There was also hair from Bad Horse’s 57th in command, a llama named Spitty. I wonder if he wears spats on his hooves. Just imagine a llama named Spitty wearing spats. Anyhow, there was a bag of raw alpaca wool for me to clean, card and spin. Looks like I need to get my wool tumbler finished and earn that drum carder I want for the business, and a little personal use too. Then there was a print out of a pattern I’ve been wanting for a very long time, Some Assembly Required. This pattern is available on Ravelry for a mere 6 bucks, and totally worth it. It makes a Lego man that actually comes apart and goes back together that’s knit! Just wow. I’ve already started knitting a Lego man for my brother’s Christmas gift. I expect I’ll have a rush on my Etsy work at the holidays too, so I’d better get my personal crafting out of the way now. Assuming I can get these Lego men to look as professional as in the pattern, I’ll have to make several for various folks on my list. Plus, toys are a great way to use up that baby-melting acrylic yarn.

Then I got to the large item in the box. The letter said that it was a bit lopsided and that this added to his horribleness. Plus, the E.L.E. included the pattern so I could make new parts as I destroyed these in my horrible experiments. Then I pulled out a bag of parts.

She knit me a Dr. Horrible inspired Lego man! For the life of me I can’t get his head to stay on. So he’s holding it. Plus, holding your own head is extra horrible.

In general, he just seemed a little lonely. Have you ever run across a single Lego man just chilling out with no other Legos? Probably not unless he was hidden in the carpet and you found him with your foot. My horrible Lego dude is too big to hide in the carpet, so I put him in the tub of Legos I’m using for some special items for my Etsy store. I know these are going to be hot items. Legos added to knitting in any way just has to be cool. So, a big thank you goes out to my spoiler, ravelry name Choperena! Now, to finish wrapping up my swap package to send out for the very same Dr. Horrible Swap! While I love the loot, I think spoiling someone is more fun that being spoiled. A part of me wants to take a break from swapping and just angel when they need someone to fill in for a flaker.