The Bazaar

October 18, 2009

I spent a great deal of my free time lately working on goodies to send my grandmother for her church bazaar. Every year I make sure a batch of my crafts make it out to Riverside, CA for her to sell at her annual craft bazaar. This year I made 24 wood burned spoons, 18 pairs of earrings, and a cute candy corn hat.

The designs on the spoons are from clip art and some are orignal drawings. I’m most fond of the lizard and adobe spoons which I drew freehand. My mom also helped making a few of the spoons since she wanted to see how my wood burner that Grandma got me worked. It’s much faster than other wood burners I’ve used, but highly detailed designs still take a great deal of time. It’s the Walnut Hollow set that you can get here.

The earrings are all made in my usual charm style. Matching up which beads you want to use often takes much longer than actually doing the wire work necessary to create them.

As for this awesome little hat, I originally made it for myself, but it just wasn’t quite long enough to cover my ears so I figured it would be better off going to a kid who has a smaller head.

Hopefully, getting all this done means I can continue to attack my Halloween costumes full force.


A terrible week

June 22, 2009

I ended up allergic to the medication that had been making such a difference in managing the pain recently and allowing me to do so much crafting. Quiting that messed up everything. I’ve pretty much spent the week in bed with short forays out for class, physical therapy, and a few for trying to complete the rabbit hutch that’s been a work in progress for a few weeks now. The good news is that Mike, my physical therapist, has been working extra hard, and I’m starting to find my feet again.

I can’t wait to have the rabbit hutch done. Removable poop trays with machine washable liners and removable, hose-able cages will be a real improvement over the current situation. Since the rabbits came quite unexpectedly (I was thinking August), they’ve been living in their cages propped up on 2x4s to allow waste to fall through to the concrete below. I’m very sick of scrubbing concrete. The bunnies can’t even keep their mess under control though. Somehow, Jessica managed to do this to the top corner of her cage. She’s the bunny with attitude and some odd ways of showing it, but poop on the ceiling? I don’t even know how she managed it. That’s 18 inches above the floor of her cage.


As I couldn’t sleep over the past couple nights, I’ve spent time preparing the raw wool. Friday night, I took a stripping comb to the bunnies and fluffed out the shedding undercoat. They’re cooler in the summer heat and I’ve got tons of wool. What a deal. Here’s what the wool collection looks like after two weeks of bunny ownership. All the wool in the box is cleaned and carded with an average staple length of over 4 inches and virtually no guard hairs.

In addition to prepping the wool, I’ve been looking into other ways to use it. There is no way I can possibly needle felt this much angora as fast as my rabbits produce it. I grabbed a couple of wooden toy wheels and dowels to make drop spindles and experimented with using them the past few nights. Here’s what I’ve got.


The white is 100% angora from my own rabbits. It breaks if you aren’t careful while spinning, but the finished product is quite sturdy and intensely fluffy. The purple/green fluff is acrylic. I recycled old yarn scraps of purple and mint green Red Heart yarn (the really cheap stuff) and carded the 3-5 inch long scraps into fluff and started spinning it. I’m amazed at how nice it looks. Talk about a trash to treasure story! As for the spindles, if you catch a sale at Hobby Lobby, you can make 4 spindles for $2.50. Not bad at all. I learned how to use them from a YouTube video. Many people use cup hooks on top, but one video I saw suggested using a half hitch knot at the top. It’s more economical to not buy cup hooks, so naturally my spindles are hook free.

As for me, I’m off to do the reading for my psych class. These first few chapters have been quite dull. The history of psychological assesment and theoretical perspectives are quite lame as I’ve had to cover those in high school psych, general psych, and developmental psych. Seriously, by the time you hit abnormal why can’t they just assume you know it and not require homework over those sections in the book? Tonight I get to finally start in on mood disorders. Way more fun than the general foundation stuff.